The batch stunner


  • Reduces operational costs
  • High volume throughput
  • Can pay for itself in six months
  • NO need for prior chilling
  • NO need for boiling or butchering alive
  • Reduces harmful bacteria


The continuous flow stunner is fast, clean and efficient. It is safe to use by unskilled staff and shellfish do not need to be kept in holding tanks.


The stunner is built to measure and runs at the speed required by the processor. It can humanely slaughter one to two tonnes of crabs or lobsters per hour. The animals do not get stressed during the process and, as a result, the meat tastes better.


The stunner also anticipates humane slaughter legislation currently being considered throughout Europe, which is likely to be extended to aspects of seafood processing.


It can humanely slaughter two tonnes of shellfish per hour and is safe to use by unskilled staff


So, how does it work? Live product is loaded by hand onto a conveyor belt - the rest of the process is automatic. The conveyer belt passes through a water tank, where electrode plates make contact with the shellfish and pass a small current through its shell. Within seconds the shellfish is rendered unconscious and killed, ready for the cooking stage.


The continuous flow stunner was developed and patented by Studham Technologies International Ltd of England. It is manufactured under licence.



The batch stunner can be customised
to suit your business premises


crabs conveyed


The system is optimised to
accommodate volume throughput