The single stunner


  • NO need to boil or butcher alive 
  • Reduces harmful bacteria
  • Fast, clean and efficient
  • NO need for prior chilling
  • Can be used by unskilled staff
  • Improves texture and taste


Crustastun is a professional appliance for killing shellfish – compassionately and without suffering. Shellfish are fully stunned into unconsciousness in less than half a second. Lobsters and crayfish die within five seconds and crabs in less than ten seconds.

The process is simple: place the shellfish on the tray in the saltwater tank and press the stun button. In seconds the shellfish is dead and ready to cook.

Crustastun is safe and easy to use, requiring only minimal training. Electro-stunning improves the texture and flavour because the animal is not traumatized during the killing process.


Traditional methods of killing shellfish are unacceptable

To many, present methods of killing crustaceans are barbaric. These include chopping, drowning in fresh water, boiling, frying and basting. The recommended methods, such as cooling in ice slurry or spiking the several nerve centres, are unproven, difficult and impractical. 

Scientific research shows that lobsters placed in boiling water can take three minutes to die. The gradual heating method advocated by some chefs merely prolongs the process.

Crustastun is the product of two years’ extensive research at Bristol University’s Department of Food Animal Welfare and the Silsoe Research Institute in Bedford, UK. It has been invented, developed and patented by Studham Technologies and designed and engineered in the UK by design consultants Inform Design.


It uses the humane slaughter principles currently applied to cows, sheep and pigs, and anticipates legislation currently being considered throughout Europe. It is also wholly endorsed by animal welfare organisations throughout the world.



Watch to see why Crustastun is the only acceptable option

(WARNING - contains scenes of animal slaughter)


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The unit is designed in restaurant-grade,
easy-clean, brushed stainless steel




Fast, clean, efficient. Crustastun reduces

stress for the animal and improves meat quality